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Top Time Management To Do List Software App Review And Demo

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A Review Of Window Blocker a Time/Productivity Management App

Greetings, readers. A recent bout of calendar loss resulted in me missing a deadline, so I was naturally looking for tools to help me deal with that. As you regular readers no doubt know, the more tools available the easier it is to deal with the symptoms of ADHD.

I swear, I’m going to write that auto-biography titled “Indistinguishable from Lazy” any day now.

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In any case, today we’re looking at Clever Gizmos Window Blocker. It’s one of those “blocks your computer from doing other things” programs, designed to help give you an additional barrier between impulsive inattentiveness and active decision. If you’re not a long time reader and just here at Orphic Platonism, I’ll give you a short explanation of what that means and why it matters before getting into the actual review. (more…)